Savanna's Macro Photography

This was my attempt at macro photography.

Cristine's Photo Dirty

Cristine's Photo Dirty

In this project we had to use Adobe Elements Photoshop and merge the photos we took outside in to one photo. While at the same time having the same background.

Jimmy's May Photo Walk

For this presentation, we had went out to the skate park and taken many pictures. Later we had edited them and put them into this slide deck. In the slide decks there were the pictures we had taken, before and after editing, along with an explanation of what we did to edit the photo.

May Photo Walk

For this assignment, we were given a day to take pictures at the skate park. Then, we chose 6 photos from that walk and did some post production on them.

Alicia's photo merge


Photo Dirty

For this assignment we had to take multiple photos of the same person (or people, depending how much people you wanted to be in your picture) in different postions doing different actions, without the camera moving and merge the shots into one photo.

Sorry that this was late, after I found my SD card, some of my photos weren't showing up.

Photowalk draft